Gutters for oval gullies of Prague standard

oval gutter
Oval gutter 2

Sewerage sole tile gutters of Prague standard

for construction of oval gutters (in compliance with ČSN 75 6101). We produce also side pieces for setting of bottom gutter and protection of larger part of oval gutter profile.
PN I 1P600/1100471,0265,415024,5
PN II 1P700/1250521,4276,317526,0
PN III 1P800/1430521,3238,820024,5
PN IV 1P900/1600562,2246,222525,5
PN V 1P1000/1750601,1252,725026,5
PN VI 1P1100/1875590,4198,630024,0
PN VII 1P1200/2000704,1244,535028,5
PN VIII 1P1300/2100650,2166,840024,0
PN IX 1P1400/2200759,1206,645028,5
PN X 1P1500/2300863,0243,350032,5
PN XI 1P1600/2400751,7148,555026,0
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