Program OPPIK

Company Eutit s.r.o. is in project “Presentation products of Eutit s.r.o. at foregin fair trades” for which was asking a grant within the Operational programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competentivness from European Regioal Development Funds.

Main goal of afored mentioned programme is presence of company Eutit s.r.o. at foregin fair trades so that Eutit s.r.o. can better expand to foregin markets out of Eropean union. Expected project realization is between 1.1.2017 do 31.12.2019

EUTIT s. r. o., Basalt and eucor casting plant, č.p. 196, 353 01 Stará Voda
Tel.: +420 354 789 111, +420 354 391 301, Fax: +420 354 691 480